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Looking for a reliable commercial and residential cleaning company in
Rio Grande Valley Texas? RGV Janitorial Services offer house cleaning, office cleaning, building cleaning, maids service, housekeeping service, home organization, weekly cleaning ,daily cleaning, bi weekly regular cleaning, one time deep house cleaning, move in out deep cleaning, post renovation cleaning, post construction cleaning services in Edinburg Mission McAllen Texas 78541. Our prices are as low as $40. Call us for a free estimate now. Best cleaning company in Rio Grande Valley.  We also offer junk removal, hauling, furniture removal, moving help and handyman services. RGV Household Services can be a full service company for all your business or residential service needs.

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RGV Janitorial Services

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Handyman Services of McAllen
CONTACT: (956) 587 3484
OPEN: MON TO SUN 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM
SERVICES: Handyman Services, Landscaping, Installation, Flooring, Cabinet installation, Pool Service, Door Repair, Window Repair, Drywall Service

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RGV Household Services
CONTACT: (956) 587 – 3487
SERVICES: Hauling, Trash Removal, Commercial Residential Cleaning, Junk Removal, Moving, Handyman, Lawn Care, House Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Apartment Cleaning Services, Housekeeping Services, Maids, Deep Home Cleaner, Cleaning Lady

RGV Janitorial Services:
CONTACT: (956) 587 - 3486
SERVICES: Office Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning,
Janitorial Services, Post Construction Cleaning, Maids Service, Move In Out Deep Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, deep house cleaning

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Best Building Maintenance Company and Cost in Edinburg Mission McAllen TX 

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Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: Are you looking for Best Cleaning Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX? RGV Janitorial Services, who can take care of all your residential or commercial cleaning needs, then you are at the right place. A spot-free and clean home can soothe your senses beyond belief. Studies have proven that clean offices keep the morale of their employees high and they are also responsible for less absenteeism. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Building Maintenance Company around Edinburg Mission McAllen TX. We serve Edinburg Mission McAllen TX and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!


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Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: RGV Janitorial Services provides commercial cleaning and maintenance services in the Edinburg Mission McAllen TX Metropolitan area. No task is too big for RGV Janitorial Services Building Services. Our capabilities are broad enough to support even the most complex projects and large scale environments. Whether you need RGV Janitorial Services for all of our services or just a few, we will provide superior service, professional performance, and cost-effective solutions.  

Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: At RGV Janitorial Services Maintenance, our superior results are thanks to the connection we've built between excellence in staffing and systems. Our customized programs and site-specific training save owners' money and headaches. Our field managers and supervisors perform nightly inspections utilizing the latest software.  These detailed inspections along with photo documenting capabilities are entered using any web-enabled device and results are immediately uploaded for review.  By having up-to-date information at our fingertips our experienced team tracks and ensures the highest level of quality is delivered to our clients.

Communication with our employees is a vital component in providing our clients with uninterrupted service during employee absence and when responding to emergencies. RGV Janitorial Services has created a proprietary web-based employee communication and dispatching tool from the ground up.   This automated system provides a self-service call off method for employees and gives our team the ability to assign replacement workers immediately via text, web or phone to ensure workers are dispatched promptly, and emergencies are addressed timely.


Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: Our technological approach to Quality Assurance has proven to be an excellent tool for both our clients and our management team.

Some of the technology tools we use are:

  • Clean Telligent
  • Or bio
  • ECOS - Employee Call Off System


Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: Our services span every area of commercial cleaning and building maintenance.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • General Office Cleaning
  • Trash Removal
  • Construction Clean Up
  • Emergency Services
  • Sanitation
  • Vent Cleaning
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Carpet care programs
  • Certified document destruction
  • Restroom Supplies and dispenser replenishment
  • Pest control

Experienced & Affordable

Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: For minor upgrades, like new Apartment painting, Taping, Plastering, Skim Coat, doors or siding, to larger-scale projects like new roofing or renovation from top to bottom, RGV Janitorial Services's reliable team of hardworking specialists will work tirelessly until the job is done. Even the smallest projects get our full attention, so regardless of how big or small your budget is, RGV Janitorial Services is able to help make some updates to your commercial or residential space.
Fully Licensed and Bonded

Not only does RGV Janitorial Services have the proper licenses to safely and efficiently perform any construction work, but we're also bonded, meaning working with us is a risk-free venture.
Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: When making the decision to purchase an apartment in Edinburg Mission McAllen City, the asking price is not the only factor to determine what you can afford.

Many first-time buyers overlook an expense that can have a big impact on the overall cost of the home namely, maintenance charges.

These fees can be pricey. In Edinburg Mission McAllen TX, the average maintenance charge hovers around $1,500 a month and remember, they need to be paid in addition to any mortgage payment you may have.
Known as common charges in condominiums, these fees are billed monthly to all owners in a co-op or condo building and cover necessary operating costs as determined by the building's board.

In terms of current numbers, Edinburg Mission McAllen TX is paying an average of $1.73 per square foot in co-op maintenance in the fourth quarter of 2018, based on sales data, according to real estate appraisal. So for an 800-square-foot apartment, the maintenance would be $1,384.

Expenses such as maintenance of shared amenities like a pool or gym, salaries for doormen or superintendents and utility costs for common areas (ie. lobbies, hallways) are covered by maintenance fees.

Keep in mind that more luxurious amenities usually correspond with heftier charges.

It's also important to note that whether you chose to purchase a co-op or a condo has an impact on what is covered by your fees.

A co-op is a unique form of ownership where the buyer is in fact purchasing a stake in a corporation. Each owner is allocated a percentage of shares based upon the size of the home they occupy as well as its relative desirability (views, position in the building etc.).
The shareholder is responsible for paying a monthly fee based upon the number of shares he or she holds so the resident of a penthouse with sweeping skyline views would pay more per month than someone whose studio unit on the first floor faces an alley.
Since the co-op corporation owns the physical building, they are responsible for the payment of real estate taxes. They pass along the taxes to the shareholders by wrapping this expense into the monthly maintenance charges. If real estate taxes rise, there will be a corresponding jump in a co-op resident's fees.
The good news for co-op owners is that the portion of their maintenance fee that covers real estate taxes can be deducted from their annual income tax liability.

In the case of condos, the amount each owner pays in common charges is also dependent upon their home's square footage and location in the building.
Best Building Maintenance Company near Edinburg Mission McAllen TX: Many businesses and other organizations depend on a commercial cleaning service to keep their buildings clean as well as professional looking. An individual who is thinking about hiring a professional commercial cleaning company often has a gathering of questions about the service. Consequently, a collection of frequently asked questions regarding Edinburg Mission McAllen TX cleaning companies can be helpful for anyone who’d like to learn more about them. The following are some of those frequently asked questions.
What sorts of organizations hire a cleaning company, Edinburg Mission McAllen TX and elsewhere?
Some examples of places that hire Edinburg Mission McAllen TX cleaning companies are retail stores, schools, businesses, offices, churches, and restaurants.
What type of cleaning services does a cleaning company, Edinburg Mission McAllen TX based, offer its clients?
Edinburg Mission McAllen TX cleaning companies thoroughly vacuum carpets and spot clean. Also, a cleaning company Edinburg Mission McAllen TX based and beyond dust furniture, cleans window glass, sweeps tile, and cleans restrooms. Clients may inquire with a commercial cleaning service about other specific cleaning tasks.
What is the quality of the service offered by a contract cleaning company?
Commercial cleaning Edinburg Mission McAllen TX and elsewhere as well as maintenance companies in Edinburg Mission McAllen TX hire and train professionals who are dedicated to their work. The dependable staff of a cleaning company, Edinburg Mission McAllen TX and beyond, does an efficient, thorough cleaning job for every client.
Does commercial cleaning, Edinburg Mission McAllen TX based, offer any special services?
Yes. A client may sign up for window washing services, carpet shampoos, power washing, and even specify green cleaning.
What if a business or organization simply needs a round of basic cleaning tasks done on a regular basis?
Commercial cleaning, Edinburg Mission McAllen TX based, deals with both small and large cleaning jobs. If a client wants a commercial cleaning service crew to come in to dust, empty trash cans, and mop the restroom floors on a regular basis, then that is what is provided. We endeavor to meet the needs of all our clients.

What is an example of some of the detailed work that a professional commercial cleaning service may provide?
Well, if a professional commercial cleaning crew is cleaning an office restroom; they won’t stop mopping the floors and cleaning the toilets. They will make sure that the toilet paper dispensers are filled as well as the soap containers. They will not call the job done until the restroom sinks are glowing and the faucet fixtures shine!
Does a commercial cleaning service have different cleaning packages for clients to choose from? What are the commercial cleaning rates?
A professional commercial cleaning company offers a free price quote to customers. The commercial cleaning rates differ due to a few factors. Some things that determine commercial cleaning rates are the size of a business and the type of cleaning services needed as well as how often the client would like cleaning done. A contract cleaning company would be glad to discuss the cleaning needs of any client.

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